The Wug Test

Buy the Book! The complete Wug Test is now available in a spiral bound book, perfect for sharing with children aged 4-7! See the Wugs, Gutches and Kazhes that started it all!

The Wug Test is a picture book for children and adults that uses invented nouns, verbs, and adjectives to illuminate what children know about their own language. This book includes the original delightful Wug Test drawings and test questions created by Professor Jean Berko Gleason in 1958. The Wug Test, first given in research settings, showed that children do not learn language simply by memorizing what they hear. Instead, they learn the rules of their language so that they are able to make plurals, past tenses and other forms when presented with words they have never heard before. This book has pictures and interesting questions to share with children, along with informative notes and commentary for adults. It provides a fascinating insight into what even very young children know about language, as well as a way to understand and observe a child's acquisition of the rules of language over time.

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